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Sara: When and where did you meet your wife?
Bill: When I got back home in 1946 my dad had built a new home in Yuma. My wife lived right across the street. I knew my wife before I went into the service but then she was a little girl. (Laughter) When I came back she had blossomed. I met her in ’46 and she was a senior in high school. The high school was integrated. She graduated in May of ’47 and we got married the next month on June 21.
Sara: Did you date when you got back from the service and have a little courtship? Bill: Yes, we dated, had courtship, but it was very closely supervised, not like kids do today. I asked my father-in-law if I could take his daughter out and he said “Yes” and told me what time that I needed to bring her back. When I asked if I could come over to the house to visit, he said “Yes” and that I should leave at 9:30 and this kind of stuff. So I appreciated it because we had rules and I knew my boundaries.
Sara: Exactly. And you were engaged during this whole time more or less, or when did you become engaged?
Bill: We really became engaged pretty well as soon as I got out of the Navy. We were kind of halfway engaged from June of ’46 until we got married.
Sara: What kind of things would you do when you went out? Would you just, well, what activities did you do?
Bill: They were very limited. We went to movies and I was pretty good at athletics so she’d come out on Sundays to watch me play baseball, this kind of thing. She was very athletically inclined, too, so I’d go up to the high school. We only lived two blocks from the high school. I was up there to see all of her activities. So we went together and we’d go to the malt shop together. (Laughter)

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