The Kerrs Leave the Midwest for Arizona

Camilla: Jimmie, you were born in Tucson on April 20, 1934 and came to Casa Grande as a toddler. Would you describe some of your earliest memories of the town?
Jimmie: I was born in Tucson. My parents came to Tucson for my mother’s health. She had been treated for arthritis both in Kansas where she was from and in Lincoln, Nebraska where they lived before they came to Arizona. The arthritis treatments didn’t seem to work so a dry climate, Arizona, was suggested. My Dad bought a cleaners in Tucson and they made the move but my mother continued to have problems. My Dad owned the dry cleaning business in Tucson from 1928 to 1939 but my mother died in 1935 when I was 15 months old. When she died, they requested that my Dad have an autopsy. She actually died from colitis, which they didn’t know much about then, I guess. They certainly hadn’t been treating her for that.